4 Essential Steps To Return Your Rental Car With Ease

4 Essential Steps To Return Your Rental Car With Ease

Whether you want to take your family for a drive around the island or impress business clients when you pick them up for a ride, renting a car comes in handy for a variety of reasons. For instance, you can enjoy the convenience of planning your own route instead of having to beat the crowd on public transport during peak hours. You can also pick a vehicle that best suits your needs and expresses your style.

Nonetheless, there are several things you need to keep in mind when getting yourself a great car rental deal. After enjoying your ride, you will need to check your car thoroughly before returning it to avoid any extra charges.

Here are 4 simple steps for returning your rental car.

1. Plan your route

Most car-sharing service providers and car rental services in Singapore have strict guidelines on returning your car on time. Breaching these guidelines will often lead to costly late return penalties and surcharges. Many car rental providers offer a short grace period where you can return your vehicle without sustaining an additional charge. However, it’s still your responsibility to return your car on time and avoid overdue fees.

Be sure of your vehicle’s return time and plan your route accordingly. Allow sufficient time for your drive, taking into consideration potential traffic congestion. Whether you’ve hired a car rental in Bukit Batok or Yishun, make sure you’re certain of how long it will take to reach your destination. Most online maps will be able to give you a prediction of your journey time.

2. Fuel up your car

Many car rental providers have a ‘full to full’ policy. This implies that the car’s fuel tank is full when you pick the car up, and you will have to refill the fuel tank so that it’s full when you return it. It’s best to refuel your car’s tank at a petrol station near the location where you’re returning the car so that the gas doesn’t run down before you drop the car off.

Online maps can be handy in helping you find a petrol station close to where you’re returning the car. When paying for the fuel, ask for a receipt as proof that you filled the tank full. Some car rental providers may have other fuel policies, such as ‘pre-purchase’, where you don’t need to return the car with a full tank. Look at the terms and conditions of your rental to check for your fuel policy.

3. Gather your belongings

Once you’ve arrived at the location where you’re returning the car, gather all your belongings. Do a thorough check around the car to ensure that you haven’t left anything behind. It’s worth checking the boot, glove compartment, backseat pockets, door buckets, and underneath the seats. In addition to your own belongings, it’s also a great idea to bring along any paperwork that the car rental service provider gave you. These documents will be of great help if any issue comes up afterwards.

4. Take photos of the car

Before handing the car back to the rental service providers, take a photo of its fuel indicator and mileage. Then, carefully inspect the exterior of the car and photograph its front, sides, and rear. If any damage was found to the car later, these photos will support your claim whether you are responsible for them.

Many car rental providers will impose extra charges for additional damage, mileage, or insufficient fuel. As such, taking photographs will come in handy to safeguard you from any unexpected charges after you’ve returned the car accordingly to the terms.


Take note of these essential steps when returning your rental car for a hassle-free rental process, and to avoid incurring any unexpected dents in your wallet! Enjoy a seamless car rental booking when you engage with Cars and Trips. Whether you need a car rental in Yishun or Ubi, we work with a variety of local vendors to provide you with high-quality rental cars across Singapore that suit your needs.