5 Tips To Make Your Next Short-Term Car Rental Enjoyable

5 Tips To Make Your Next Short-Term Car Rental Enjoyable

With a reliable, world-class public transport system, getting around Singapore is easy. Nonetheless, there are occasions where you don’t want to get tied up with an MRT or bus schedule. Perhaps you need to bring your business partners around or travel with the family.

During such situations, Singapore’s short term car rental services are a lucrative alternative for you. Rent a car for however long you need and make as many trips as you want during that time. After you’re done, just return it – you don’t have to worry about costly expenses like road tax or maintenance fees!

With that being said, here are a few things you should do to make your next short-term car rental enjoyable.

1. Book early

The early bird catches the worm, and the timely client grabs a great deal. When you book early, you can avoid disappointment due to limited availability, especially during peak seasons such as the holidays. Early booking also gives you a better chance of striking a great deal or taking advantage of early booking discounts.

2. Pick the right vehicle to fit your needs

Booking early also gives you the option to shop around for your ideal rental car that will suit your needs. When you book well ahead, you have an array of vehicles to choose from. It’s important to consider the number of passengers and storage space. Will you have a long commute daily, so fuel economy is important to you? What are your must-have features? These practical considerations should be kept in mind so you will have chosen the right car that suits your purposes.

3. Carry your license, credit card and ID

You can’t rent a vehicle in Singapore without a driving license. Therefore, make sure you carry a valid driver’s license of the appropriate vehicle class when you are making the booking.

Your ID and credit card are crucial for making the transaction possible. The car rental provider may ask for your ID to verify your age and take down your personal details for the rental paperwork. Credit cards are more commonly accepted for facilitating payments such as security deposit, cancellation fees, and extra insurance.

4. Take down the contact of the car rental provider

Once you have settled on a car rental company and booked a vehicle, save their contact details in your phone. There’s nothing more frustrating than not finding the contact of your car rental provider in an emergency situation. You can also keep the contract close to you so you can quickly refer to it, in case any issue arises.

Although you may not need to contact them at all during your rental period, it’s still good to have their contact on hand to be on the safe side.

5. Plan your trip

Plan your trip thoroughly to avoid situations such as getting stuck on long traffic jams particularly, on the expressways. Of course, it’s hard to anticipate whether you will encounter such traffic jams, but planning your trip gives you peace of mind and provide better coordination of your day. This will help to maximise the time you have with your rental car so you can fully use it according to your needs.

The next time you rent a car, follow these tips for a smooth transaction and an enjoyable trip throughout!