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4 Common & Costly Mistakes To Avoid When Renting a Car

Whether you’re travelling in a foreign country or driving around to run errands, renting a car can come in handy to give you added convenience. Economy car rental is perfect when you have to travel with seniors or children, and you wish to avoid the hustle and bustle of public transport. Or maybe you want to gain some flexibility and not restrict yourself to a bus schedule. Regardless of why you’re renting a car, there’s no doubt that having the freedom to drive around in a private vehicle is gratifying. However, you could make some mistakes which can turn an otherwise good experience into a nightmare. Here are 4 common and costly mistakes you should avoid when renting a car. 1. Rushing to choose a company Settling for the first company you see is a common mistake many customers tend to make. The rates of car rental services vary, depending…

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