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Rent a Private Car

Singapore is a bustling nation, and one that has a lot of hidden gems to offer. Exploring the city is necessary in order for it to be really appreciated. Singapore is famous worldwide for its excellent public transport system which makes exploring it quite easy. There are some cases, however, when you may want to rent a private car. Most of the places to see are within reach of the city’s buses, trains, and taxis. Private cars, on the other hand, can offer advantages that public transport cannot. No matter how good the public transport system is private cars still offer convenience. 4 Instances When You Should Rent a Private Car Private cars may at times be a bit pricier than Singapore public transport. However, renting a private car does offer you a good number of benefits. Here are 4 instances when you should rent a private car. If you…

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Lease to Own a Car

Owning your own car has transformed from a luxurious want to a practical need. Having your own car can significantly improve the quality of your life. For one, you have control over your time. You do not need to wait for a bus under the sun or squeeze into the MRT. If you have toddlers and kids, owning a car is a convenience you will definitely be thankful for. Owning a car in Singapore however, is not cheap. It is downright expensive, that even Singaporeans with a high spending power struggle with getting their own car. The ARF, excise tax and the COE are just some of the factors that add up to the price of cars in Singapore. If you have determined that you really need a car in your life, you have two options. You can pay for it with outright cash, or get a car loan. However,…

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private car in sg

Both public transport and private vehicles have their own advantages distinct from each other. Public transportation is a cheap option without the problems of gas and car maintenance and repairs. On the other hand, driving a car is more convenient and personalised. To enjoy the benefits of both, locals and tourists alike should consider renting a private car in SG. To make your travel in Singapore worthwhile, consider these tips in renting a private car in SG. Make sure that the car rental company is legal The Land Transportation Authority (LTA) governs the regulations for every private car in SG. All private hire car owners must abide by these regulations. For private hire car drivers, they must pass certain requirements before getting a licence. The requirements include a medical examination, background checks, and a 10-month training course. Ask if the driver has a Private Hire Car Driver’s Vocational Licence (PDVL).…

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