Latest COVID-19 Measures: What Private Hire Drivers Can Do

Latest COVID-19 Measures: What Private Hire Drivers Can Do

The latest COVID-19 restrictions took effect on 16 May 2021, and there are enhanced safe management measures that will affect private hire drivers and passengers alike. From now till 13 June 2021, Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) will be in place to minimise interaction and the risk of virus transmission when commuting.

Whether you’ve just completed your Gojek driver sign up process or have been working as one for a while now, it’s important for you to keep up-to-date with the latest news so you can adhere to the new regulations while keeping yourself protected. Below, we share the recent changes in COVID-19 measures so you can continue carrying out your job duties with peace of mind.

A limit of two pax

Private hire cars and taxis can only carry up to two passengers to minimise contact across different households. However, if the passengers are from the same household, the restriction does not apply. For instance, a parent can travel with more than two children or bring their elderly family members out if they live together.

As a private hire driver, you can ask to verify if the passengers you are picking are from the same household once the booking is accepted. But if you are in doubt, you can choose to cancel the trip.

Masks are mandatory

This rule is nothing new, but it is still constantly reminded for drivers and passengers alike to wear their masks at all times. It is also good to practice good hygiene habits, such as using hand sanitisers frequently throughout the day, keeping your hands away from touching your face, and wiping every surface of the vehicle after the end of every shift. You should also decline to fetch passengers if they are not wearing masks to safeguard your health.

Temporary suspension of car-pooling

During this period, all forms of commercial car-pooling services will be temporarily suspended – referring to drivers who receive payment for ferrying passengers while they are en-route to their destination. Personal, or non-commercial, car-pooling trips are only permitted among friends and colleagues. However, the permissible group size remains to be at two people.

Safety tips to keep in mind

While these are the major changes in the latest enhanced COVID-19 measures, it’s crucial to remember the prevailing safety tips to ensure every car ride is safe for you and your passengers.

  • Cashless payments are highly recommended to minimise contact with one another during this time.
  • Monitor your temperature twice daily, ideally before you start driving and another time in the course of the day.
  • Disinfect your car regularly, including high human contact points like seats and door handles.
  • Improve the ventilation in your car by winding down the windows in between picking up passengers or even while ferrying them to their destination.

As you keep the nation on the move during these unprecedented times, continue to observe the various preventive measures to keep you and those around you safe.

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