More Rewards For Gojek Drivers From 21 June To End Of 2021

More Rewards For Gojek Drivers From 21 June To End Of 2021

As of 21 June, Gojek has made several changes to the driver rewards on their ride-hailing platform in Singapore. These improvements were made with private hire drivers in mind, whose businesses have continued to be disrupted in this pandemic. For instance, approximately half of them requested improvements on the service fees to take home better earnings at the end of each day. Read on to find out the latest Gojek incentives in detail and how they can benefit you and other driver-partners.

Decreased services fees from 20% to 10%

Gojek’s latest announcement highlights the cut in services fees from 20% down to 10%. As a driver, you can take home 90% of your trip earnings immediately and with no strings attached. Gojek has also shared that decreased service fees will take place from 21 June 2021 till the end of 2022, at the very least.

Rest assured that this lower service is offered to all driver-partners, regardless of your performance or tier in the GoalBetter program. Fortunately, if you’re a Gojek taxi driver, you will enjoy waived service fees up until 8 August 2021.

Flat fee payouts for pick-ups above 3km

The next significant change comes in the form of flat fee payouts. From 21 June, for any 3km or more customer pick-ups, you can expect a S$3 flat fee payout as an additional reward. This is in response to driver-partners voicing out that the existing incentives for far pick-ups are insufficient or difficult to track.

Like the service fees, all driver-partners are eligible for flat fee payouts with no performance requirements. Eligibility for the payouts also extends to both GoCar and GoTaxi trips.

Peak hour earnings boost of up to S$100

Starting 21 June 2021, drivers working during the respective peak hours for each day of the week can receive a daily bonus. This bonus depends on the tier you are at: once you reach a specific tier, you will receive the respective bonus as soon as possible, typically within an hour.

The tiers range from 1 being the lowest to 5 being the highest and are divided by points. Tier 1 requires collecting 30 points a day, while drivers need to accumulate 120 points to reach tier 5. At tier 5, you will be able to enjoy a maximum of S$100 payout.

As such, drivers are encouraged to be more active during the peak hours established by Gojek. If you’re looking to accumulate points most quickly, Gojek recommends working during the peak hours of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to achieve up to 5 points in a single trip (highest number of points per trip).

This program runs daily and is available for all driver-partners. However, note that a minimum daily performance of at least 80% is required to be eligible. The point system also varies for GoCar and GoTaxi drivers. GoCar drivers will receive 1 base point with additional peak hour points, while GoTaxi drivers are only eligible for 1 base point per trip.

Minimum earnings scheme

The last system introduced is the minimum earnings program. From 1 July 2021, this scheme serves as a safety net that guarantees driver-partners like yourself the minimum monthly earnings.

To qualify for this system, drivers must have an average monthly performance of 80% and complete the minimum number of trips required, depending on whether you’re a GoFleet Premium, Pro, or Elite GoalBetter driver. If you earn less than the minimum monthly earning from your gross GoCar trip fares, fret not, Gojek will top up the difference (subjected to a 10% service fee).


As a way to support you and other driver-partners better during these uncertain times, Gojek has come up with many improvements that let you take home a more stable income. They’ve assured that rewards such as increased far pick-up payouts and lowered service fees will stay for good, allowing for a more sustainable livelihood for their drivers.

With these new changes in effect, driving under the Gojek brand either part-time or full-time is more appealing than ever. If you’re looking to switch to a better private hire car rental, look to Cars And Trips with rental services for all of your vehicular needs. Whether it’s to get extra cash on the sidelines with Gojek or simply for private use, we’re sure to have just the right vehicle you need!