Private Hire Driving: Top Considerations For Your Car Choice

Private Hire Driving: Top Considerations For Your Car Choice

Getting into the private-hire driving business in Singapore is now more feasible than ever due to the demand and popularity of the service. In addition to that, the benefits that the job offers, namely the flexibility and getting to be your own boss, make it compelling for those that want career independence.

If you’re interested in making the switch, it’s crucial to plan things out first and refrain from rushing things. The first consideration that takes top priority is your vehicle of choice. No matter which route you choose, whether to buy or rent a car, for instance, you’ll need to invest on the main tool of the job. Get to know the various factors in choosing your car and the different car models that match them.

Top factors to consider when choosing a car

With such a diverse car market, each car model differs from the next. As such, it’s important to determine your priorities and preferences. Out of many considerations, the top few factors many drivers look at when searching for a car rental are fuel efficiency, reliability, comfort and affordability.

Once you’ve ranked these qualities according to how important they are to you, it’s time to check out the best models you can pick from for each category.

The different vehicle types and their features

  • Large and comfortable

If you wish to take on trips with more than four passengers, a multipurpose vehicle (MPV) is the option to go for. These cars offer ample space for both you and your passengers, making the ride comfortable for all parties within.

MPVs are a great option if you prefer to focus on higher fare values rather than a greater number of trips. But, due to their larger sizes, MPVs are less than ideal for fuel efficiency.

Large and comfortable MPVs to consider are Honda Shuttle, Honda Freed, Honda Stream, Toyota Sienta, and Toyota Estima.

  • Affordable and reliable

Compact and economy cars are highly reliable and fuel-efficient. As such, economy car rentals in Singapore are extremely popular, especially in the private hire industry. Their long presence in the market means that they have been tried and tested. What’s more, these cars are easy to find in second-hand condition and fairly straightforward to operate.

If your goal is to maximise your trips daily while keeping car investments at a minimum, this is the option to go for. However, one key thing to note is that these vehicles tend to have smaller cabin spaces and typically do not have the latest technologies.

Cars in this category include, but are not limited to, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Vios, Mitsubishi Attrage, Honda Fit, and Honda Jazz.

  • Hybrid and extremely-efficient 

If fuel efficiency stands as your number one priority, a hybrid car is the choice for you. By harnessing both petrol and electricity, hybrid cars consume less fuel than other models and are packed with the latest features.

Although more costly to rent, if you’re set on doing private hire driving for the long run, investing in a hybrid car is sure to be worth it – you’ll eventually get a higher return on from future fuel savings. But if the cost lands too far off from your budget, you may have to opt for other options in the market.

Examples of hybrid cars are Toyota Prius Hybrid, Toyota Axio Hybrid, Honda Grace Hybrid, and Honda Shuttle Hybrid.


When it comes to a private hire driving career, the vehicle you choose makes all the difference to you and your passengers. Choosing the one that suits both your preferences and goals is crucial to a fulfilling ride and career.

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