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It can be tempting to want to have your very own private car in Singapore. Imagine being able to avoid all the crowds during peak hours on public transportation! However, some people may be hesitant to buy their own car due to the Certificate of Entitlement (CoE) system, which makes it expensive to own a car in Singapore. Fortunately, buying a car is not the only way to gain access to a private vehicle. Through car rental or car leasing services, you can easily gain the benefits of commuting by car without the worry of having to take out loans to pay for a new vehicle.  Buying a Car Purchasing your own car is undoubtedly the most expensive option, but one that many people will find the most convenient.  Pros:  Resell or Scrap Value You can resell your car at any time to offset some of the purchase price if…

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car rental singapore

If you are looking for a car rentals Singapore for your family trip for long weekends, ride-hailing apps, or even car leasing Singapore, the Cars and Trips Pte Ltd will surely offer you different ranges of go jek car rental in Singapore that will give your local support at an exceptionally low cost.

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Rent a Private Car

Singapore is a bustling nation, and one that has a lot of hidden gems to offer. Exploring the city is necessary in order for it to be really appreciated. Singapore is famous worldwide for its excellent public transport system which makes exploring it quite easy.

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