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Go jek car rental

Why is car rental in Singapore surging in popularity these days? As it turns out, renting a car in Singapore can actually be more cost-effective than other modes of transport, including buying your own car, using car-sharing services or taking public transport. In fact, Gojek has pivoted its business to accommodate the rising demand for car rental in Singapore, coming up with GoFleet which provides a wide selection of vehicles for the everyday driver. How is Car Rental Beneficial? The benefits of car rental vary greatly depending on your preferences. Some people find owning a car very inconvenient because the car owner is usually required to settle matters such as insurance, servicing, maintenance, and repairs. Car ownership can also be very costly, with the prices of road tax, petrol, Certificate of Entitlement and ERP tolls on the rise. Renting a car can usually alleviate some of these concerns, especially since…

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