Maximize your rebate.

Get going with Go-Fleet with cars from Cars and Trips.

Go-Fleet rebate with Cars and Trips

Reduce your rental cost with Cars and Trips!

We understand from our driver-partners that rental costs of your car is a major factor, and we are proud to be one of the few GoFleet partner designed to help reduce your costs of ownership. GoJek has decided to further extend the validity of the programme so that driver-partners can continue to enjoy the most competitive fleet incentive in town.

Why rent from Cars and Trips?

Your car, your choice!
Prefer new cars over older cars? Petrol or hybrid? The decision is yours! We provide a wide range of options for all types of vehicles for all budgets.

Best value in town  Whether it is long term or short term rental, we strive to provide you the best value and price on top of variety. 

How do I sign up for this incentive?

Awesome – we’d love to help you set up and running! If you:

  • 1. Are already renting with GOFLEET

    Opt in for incentives here.

  • 2. Want to rent with GOFLEET

    Sign up to rent with GOFLEET here.

  • 3. Are not a driver-partner with GOJEK yet

    Sign up to drive with us here. Then, sign up to rent with GOFLEET here.

    • We’ll verify your application and notify you once it’s successful
    • Achieve Gojek's target and get $150 cash in your Earnings Wallet every Wednesday!

Important Reminders for Fleet Partners

Please note whenever there is any 'change' to vehicle number(s), please resend via Opt-in form to ensure all these information are captured correctly prior to our verification.

Should the vehicle number differ between the Opt-in form and Live Sheet, these entries will be considered as 'failed verification' and will result in Driver Partners not eligible for incentives payout.

All information declared in the Opt-in form has to be consistent and accurate as of the Live Sheet.

We seek your understanding on this matter and thank you for your co-operation.


Yes! All you need to do is sign up and rent from us. Hit the minimum point and performance requirements as stated above.
Nope! You’ll get the full $150 credited to your Earnings Wallet every Wednesday – along with your other incentives. This can be withdrawn to your bank account at any time.