Incentives For Gojek Driver-Partners & Private Hire Drivers

Incentives For Gojek Driver-Partners & Private Hire Drivers

The COVID-19 crisis has hit many businesses and industries hard – and coupled with various sets of measures to tackle the pandemic, many are worried about their income being affected.

Since Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) took effect on 16 May 2021, it’s expected that there may be a potential reduction in demand for ride-hailing as more people are staying at home.

In response, the government has introduced new rebates to help private hire drivers defray their costs as well as incentives by Gojek to provide their driver-partners with earnings stability. For a quick recap, read on further for the additional support you can receive to help you get through these challenging times.

Gojek: Lower points requirement for higher service fee rebates

From 20 May 2021 to 14 June 2021, Gojek driver-partners can find it much easier to bring home all their earnings. You can complete just one trip to enjoy 14% service fee, with 30% service fee rebates for every trip you make. And when you hit the highest service fee rebate tier at a reduced 50 points per day, you get to bring all your earnings with 100% daily service fee rebates.

With lower points requirement, it is expected for driver-partners to achieve 100% service fee rebates much quicker and easier during this period. The best times to drive is on peak hours and weekends for more demand, which can earn you more points per trip and increase your earnings. Take note that 80% daily performance is still required.

Gojek: Earnings protection for COVID-19 positive cases or Quarantine Orders (QO)

Under GoalBetter, you will enjoy tier protection if you are unable to drive due to a positive COVID-19 diagnosis or a QO order. Thus, you will only need to achieve a lesser number of trips that will be prorated accordingly to requalify for the next GoalBetter cycle in the current tier you are in. Your tier depends on the number of trips you have completed within a fixed 3-month period.

Gojek: Medical leave insurance coverage

Depending on their GoalBetter tier, certain driver-partners will be covered under the Freelancer Earnings Protection (FLEP) program. In the event that you tested positive for COVID-19, have to take medical leave or issued a QO, you can benefit from prolonged medical leave insurance. Automatic coverage applies for Pro and Elite driver-partners, while Classic and Premium driver-partners can enjoy 10% off their first month of FLEP from now till 10 June 2021.

Government: COVID-19 Driver Relief Fund

Amid the increased COVID-19 regulations during Phase 2 (Heightened Alert), the government will provide an additional S$27 million top-up to the Covid-19 Driver Relief Fund (CDRF). This is in addition to the previous $188 million that was set aside for CDRF payments carried out between January to June 2021.

From 16 May to end-June 2021, eligible taxi and private hire drivers will receive an additional $10 per day through the CDRF via their operations. This raises the total to $25 per vehicle per day, allowing drivers to defray their costs and alleviate some financial pressures.

Government: Road tax and petrol duty rebates

As announced in Budget 2021, private hire drivers will receive road tax and incentive rebates from their respective ride-hailing firms to offset the cost of higher petrol excise duties. Eligible drivers can qualify for 15% road tax rebates for a year, while additional rebates of $360 will be disbursed from May 2021 over 4 consecutive months.


We hope this article provides a quick summary on the latest government and Gojek incentives you stand to benefit from to help defray your daily costs and provide earnings stability. If you’re looking to find a better monthly car rental deal that suits your budget, browse our online car rental platform at Cars and Trips! We partner with many car vendors in Singapore to provide you with a range of vehicles for rent at great prices.