What You Need To Know Before Booking a Rental Car

What You Need To Know Before Booking a Rental Car

If you are a first-timer in car hire, the process might seem a bit daunting. There is a lot of information that you need to have, and the rules might be slightly different depending on which car rental company that you’ve chosen. Car rentals will always be a more affordable and stress-free experience if you conduct thorough research before hitting the road. So, before getting one there are several things that you need to consider.

1.    Size of the Vehicle

The first question should be. Is the car big enough? Your private hire car might have room for your suitcases, but what about your surfboard and golf clubs? Also, is it big enough to accommodate everyone accompanying you? A cheaper price for a small car may be very appealing when picking up the key, but when you are all squeezed into a confined place, you’ll wish you’d have chosen something a little bigger.

2.    Fuel Economy

Fuel is something that might play havoc with your budget. It is important to consider the fuel consumption, rest you find yourself with a guzzler that will eventually drain your pocket dry. Do thorough research from car dealer website on fuel economy for particular vehicles.

3.    Nature of the Trip

Your car rental decision should be guided by the nature of your trip. For instance, if it is a city trip or a road trip that may probably take you the entire weekend you may consider weekend car rental as they always come with some attractive offers. If it’s a day trip, sports cars or convertibles cars are ideal for a leisure ride. If you are anticipating crisscrossing some rugged terrains, you need a four-wheel drive and if you’re going on a long vacation, you may consider monthly car rental as they are always cheaper than hiring a car on daily basis.

4.    Rental Terms & Conditions

Ignorance is no defense! In most cases, clients are handed over huge documents with terms and condition to signing. Rarely do they go through the document before pending their signature? Always take time to go through the document before signing. The document may have some crucial information that may have not been communicated to you.

5.    Ensure It’s Properly Insured

Make sure your rental car is properly insured. Ensure that you have the details of the policy and do not purchase any unnecessary insurance. However, if you feel that the existing cover is inadequate you may take an additional cover with wider coverage.

6.    Double Check the Car for any Damage

Before leaving with your rented vehicle, it is important to check for any damage that may not be included in the report and have it noted down. This is because, if any new damage is found when returning the vehicle, you’re the person to bear the cost.
Choosing the right private hire car rental for your next trip is as important as choosing your location, rest you arrive in a busy city only to find that your vehicle is too big to fit in most of the parking spaces, the car is a guzzler or some roads are disastrous. That’s why it is advisable to plan for your means of transport just the same way you do with accommodation. For the best car rental deals, browse through luxury car rental Singapore and grab a car of your choice.

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