Perfect Guide to Renting a Car in Singapore

Perfect Guide to Renting a Car in Singapore

Once you have found the perfect long term car rental in singapore, you may be wondering how best to proceed with the next steps. Make sure to check off these pointers when collecting your private car to minimise any potential complications down the road. 

Bring Your Documents Along

When you go to collect a rented car, be sure to have on hand your rental confirmation details, your NRIC (or equivalent identification documents), driving license and credit card. If anyone else is going to be driving the car regularly, they should be present as well in case they need to sign any additional documents. 

Driving Into Malaysia?

If you intend to drive the rented car into Malaysia, you should let the car rental company know so that they can register your car with Malaysia’s Road Transport Department to get a Vehicle Entry Permit. If this step is not done, you may run into complications when attempting to cross the border, such as refused entry at the customs checkpoint – or in the unfortunate event you run into any accidents while in Malaysia, vehicle insurance may not apply and you would have to foot the entire bill. 


Although car rental companies tend to offer some limited insurance, these still do not cover all costs in the event an accident occurs, and these additional charges will have to be covered by the hirer. If your rental company offers Personal Accident Insurance or Collision Damage Waiver, it is advisable to opt for these in addition to any base insurance schemes there may be. Check with your rental company beforehand to ask if they have road assistance schemes and hotlines you can call should your vehicle break down or an accident happen. 

Check For Damage

When you get the car, conduct a thorough check of both the exterior and interior. If you find any damages, whether major or minor, report it to the rental company before driving off with the car, to avoid getting charged for these damages. 

Note the Petrol Level

Most rental companies will require you to fill up the petrol tank before returning the car. As such, make sure the petrol tank is full when you first receive the car so that you won’t be short-changed! 

After Rental

Do keep to the return date and time when returning your car. If you return it late, you will probably be charged for the overtime according to the company’s policies. Some companies go by hourly rental, while others charge by day. 

The rental company staff will usually do a check on the vehicle to assess any damages on it. If they do not perform a check while you are present, make sure you request one and be there to confirm that the car is in the same state as when you rented it. This is important as the rental company could charge you for any damages they find later, even if you were not responsible for it. 

Lastly, remember to make a detour to the petrol station to fill up the petrol tank before returning the car. Otherwise, rental companies may charge you for a petrol refill service, which is usually more expensive than the rates at regular petrol stations. 

With these tips, we hope you’ll have a more stress-free journey and enjoy with private hire car rental. Have a great journey!

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