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Car leasing is slowly growing in popularity in Singapore, especially with Certificate of Entitlement (CoE) rates on the rise. These days, it can be more cost-effective to rent a car instead of buying one – as long as you rent responsibly and from the right company. If the cost of car rental is especially important to you, you may wish to look into budget car rental companies to minimise your expenses as much as possible. Why Choose Car Rental? Well, for one, you do not have to deal with the rising costs of car ownership. Firstly, CoE prices are getting steeper, sometimes costing even more than the car itself. You also typically do not have to deal with car maintenance and servicing when you rent a car, as the rental company should take care of it themselves. Car rental also has its advantages when it comes to driving infrequently. If…

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Private Car Hire SG

Singapore is quite known worldwide for its efficient public transport system. Commuting in this city is a breeze through train, bus, or taxi. No matter how efficient public transport may be, hiring a private car still has benefits. Going for a private car hire SG has many advantages in certain situations.

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budget car rental

You will now be able to have a cheap car rental Singapore to begin your adventure in the city of Singapore. If you want to have a private trip with your special someone, Cars and Trips will give you a private hire car.

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