3 Tips for Renting a Private Car in SG

3 Tips for Renting a Private Car in SG

Both public transport and private vehicles have their own advantages distinct from each other. Public transportation is a cheap option without the problems of gas and car maintenance and repairs. On the other hand, driving a car is more convenient and personalised. To enjoy the benefits of both, locals and tourists alike should consider renting a private car in SG.

To make your travel in Singapore worthwhile, consider these tips in renting a private car in SG.

Make sure that the car rental company is legal

The Land Transportation Authority (LTA) governs the regulations for every private car in SG. All private hire car owners must abide by these regulations. For private hire car drivers, they must pass certain requirements before getting a licence. The requirements include a medical examination, background checks, and a 10-month training course.

Ask if the driver has a Private Hire Car Driver’s Vocational Licence (PDVL). Making sure that you are renting on licenced drivers is for your own safety and convenience. It is against the law for unlicensed private drivers to work for hire.

If you plan to drive a rented car, make sure that you are allowed to drive in Singapore. That is, you are not on probation and/or have more than a year of driving experience in Singapore. This way, most car rental companies will allow you to rent without excess insurance coverage.

Check if you are covered by Insurance

Under the Motor Vehicles Act, motor vehicles, including every private car in SG, are required to be insured. The insurance protects the private hire cars against third-party liability risks, should the passengers experience death or injury. More importantly, the passengers can claim compensation from the owner of the private hire car or the insurer.

Along with the licence, ask the company for a Certificate of Insurance and confirm its validity. Valid insurance will cover for personal or property damages you can get should any untoward incidents happen.

Look for a car that suits your needs

After inspecting the legality and security of your car rental Singapore, only then should you explore your choices. Rental cars vary in a lot of categories. You can choose between simple and luxury cars, and even full efficient hybrids. If you are travelling in a large group, consider looking for cars with more capacity. You can even choose between brand new and used cars that best suit your budget.

Aside from the characteristics of your car, also make sure to clear your schedule. It is better to book in advance to secure your car rentals ahead of time. Keep in mind that prices for car rentals vary from weekdays and weekends, and even on holidays. Rentals on weekends and on festive periods have a higher demand, and thus, higher costs.

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