Enjoy Better Rates for a Hybrid Car from Go Jek Car Rental Services

Enjoy Better Rates for a Hybrid Car from Go Jek Car Rental Services

Are you in private hire car rental business and you tired of poor rates offered by companies that are out there to exploit drivers? If yes is your answer, then you’re at the right place. At go jek car rentals you’ll not only have peace of mind while ferrying your customers but also a fat pocket.

Go jek car rental incentives

If you drive with go jek, call yourself a lucky driver. Why? This is because there are a lot of goodies that are in store for you that you cannot find anywhere else. Below is what you’ll enjoy for being a go jek driver.

Super Earnings form go jek car rentals in Singapore

  1. There are minimum weekly earnings for new driver-partners on their first four weeks. This is usually a top-up if your points don’t meet the minimum.
  2. Every order that you complete on go jek platform earns you points! These points are then automatically cashed out for more earnings as long as you’ve met the minimum performance requirements
  3. Points are increased by 2 during peak hours for both weekdays and weekends

High Demand for go jek private hire cars

  1. Go jek has an extended service coverage island-wide which provides drivers with a wide pool of customers.
  2. Go jek has targeted the high demand areas which drivers can take advantage of.

Friendly Policies for go jek car rentals in Singapore

  1. If you are worried about the cancellation of your car rental contract, it’s not in go jek. This is the only place where you’ll find policies that cover both the driver and the client without discrimination.

Unlimited Real-time Withdrawals

  1. Unlike other car rental companies in Singapore go jek offers real-time withdrawals from your go jek wallet.
  2. Go jek drivers can withdraw their money anytime, and once the withdrawal is successful, the funds are transferred to the bank account within minutes.

More Achievable70% daily performance requirement

  1. As a go jek driver, you should not worry about performance achievement for trip incentive. This is because you can earn from both daily trip incentive and minimum weekly earnings.

Life is all about choices so make the right choice and reap the benefits. Not every company that is out there has the interest of its clients at heart. Shop around and make the right decision as a driver because what matters is what you achieve at the end of the day.

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