A Guide for your Journey to Singapore by a Car Rental

A Guide for your Journey to Singapore by a Car Rental

Traveling to sightseeing tourist destinations in Singapore by car? Read this piece first!

Singapore is known for its interesting features such as the greenery surroundings, clean streets, festivals, Islands and Modern high-rise buildings. Whether your journey is a quick road trip to the streets of Singapore or an annual or monthly holiday to the famous tourist destinations such as Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, Marine Bay Sand, Sentosa, Garden by the bay or Merlion, this document will guide you on booking your cheap car rental Singapore as well as the best hotels and super tourist destinations.

For your trip to be a success, you need to plan in advance. For instance, if your trip is to take a month or so, you need to plan a week prior. Below is what you need to consider before and during the trip:

Budget for your car rental

The first thing that you should consider when planning for your trip is the means of transport. Ensure you budget car rental that is within your means. Compare prices offered by different car rental companies in Singapore, so that you can have the best deal. Ensure that the vehicle you have has an entry permit to the areas you intend to visit. Lastly, ensure that the vehicle has enough fuel before leaving.

Hotels Booking

If you are traveling during high seasons, you should book the hotel in advance. This is because of the high demand and hiked prices during peak seasons. Compare rates for different hotels online and chose the one that is within your means.

Ensure you have Enough Money

A holiday is all about spoiling yourself! Ensure that you have enough money rest you find you cannot access some places that require an entrance fee. Budget for all your expenses and on top of that, set some money aside for an emergency.

Mobile data is extremely important for road navigations. You don’t have to ask for direction from a passer-by. With a goggle map on your phone and active data, you can navigate any place in the world with ease.

Personal Safety

For personal safety, here are the tips: Plan your route before starting the journey, lock your car while away, never leave cash or valuable items in your car, park your car in a secure place and in case of an accident don’t settle a dispute without a police officer.

Navigating around Singapore

Ensure that your phone has a GPS to help you navigate the streets of Singapore. You’ll find that most car leasing Singapore companies have installed GPS systems on their cars which you can as well use. If you are lost or not sure about the route, look for a service station or rest stop and recalculate your route again. If you miss an exit, don’t panic, drive on till you get the next available exit.

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