What to Consider Before Renting a Car for a Weekend Trip in Singapore

What to Consider Before Renting a Car for a Weekend Trip in Singapore

Sourcing for a weekend car rental might be tricky especially if you are a first-timer. It requires more than just paying for the car. The terms and conditions usually differ depending on the company you are renting with. From the Insurance fee to the hidden charges, you may never know if you’ve left out some important details. But, worry not! Below are the most important things to consider before booking a car rental.

Get your Car Rental Services from one Company

It is advisable that you get your entire car rental services from the same company. This is because in most instances the rates remain constant but when you hire from different companies the rates might be different and you might end up paying more.

Check the Condition of your Car Rental

Before signing the contract, check the car interior and exterior for any damage. Ensure that all the dent or damages are noted in the report. This is because, if any new damage is noted when returning the vehicle, you’ll be the person to bear the cost of repair. If possible, it is important to take the photo of both car interior and exterior, especially where there are damages, to cover you in case of a future dispute.

Beware of Hidden Charges by Some Singapore Car Rental Companies

Don’t just rush to a car rental company because they are offering you favorable rates. Some car rental Singapore companies have hidden charges that can inflate your car rental bill. So, beware of the following: An additional driver attracts extra charges. If the driver is under 24 years, be ready to part with daily underage surcharge. There is an additional fee if the fuel tank is not full upon return. 

Book in Advance

Booking your car in advance will save you from the hassle of the last-minute rush. Also, when you book your car in advance, there are high chances of getting better deals. You’ll have time to shop around and if there are plenty of rental cars available on a specific date, the price will definitely low.

Read the Car rental Terms & Conditions Carefully

Most people don’t pay attention to terms and conditions. Once they are handed over the document, they are very quick to pen their signature to details they are not away of, only to fall victims of the same document in the future. Ensure that you understand every statement in that document and ask for clarification in case something is not clear.

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