Cheap Ways to Rent a Car on Monthly Basis in Singapore

Cheap Ways to Rent a Car on Monthly Basis in Singapore

Think “monthly car rental”, and you will probably be considering the high rental rates a lot of companies charge. While it is true that car rental can get pricey in Singapore, the good news is that it does not have to be this way! If you know where to look, hiring a private car in Singapore can be very cost-effective, even if it is done on a monthly basis. 

Look at Website Recommendations

One good place to start is to check out some websites that point you to cheap car rental companies. The Internet has numerous resources for this. For one, has a few suggestions. You can also visit and browse their wealth of information on many car companies in Singapore to find one that is suitable for you. 

Consider Your Convenience

It is also a good idea to look for a monthly car rental company that provides delivery service or at least allows you to pick the car up at a convenient location. Not all car rental companies are very accessible via public transport, which could defeat the purpose of renting a car in the first place. The best option would be to find a rental company that can send you the car directly or has a location somewhere near your home that you can pick it up from. 

You will also need to return the car once your rental contract has expired. If the rental company provides free collection and delivery, you will incur less costs. 

Take Customer Reviews into Account

To ensure that you will be renting from a reliable company, look them up online and see if they are a reputable company. Most of the time, companies with a large amount of positive reviews tend to be more trusted than those with fewer reviews or a large number of negative ones. It is also a good idea to ask around to see if any of your friends and family are familiar with the company or have had experience renting from the company, and if so, whether they would recommend them to you. Some car rental companies may work great for certain types of people but suit others less. 

Plan Ahead

One way to save money on car rental is to book a car way in advance. If you know when you will be needing a car, try to secure one weeks earlier, or even months. You may be able to negotiate for lower prices if you will be renting the car for a long time. In addition to cheaper rental, you may also have the advantage of being able to choose the car you want if you book in advance. Certain types of cars, such as multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs) or sports utility vehicles (SUVs), may be in limited stock. Sometimes, a company may have fewer cars available if you rent one last minute, thereby limiting your selection and in some cases, charging you a higher rate if you rent one of the last few cars they have available. 

Loyalty and Promotions

Many car rental companies frequently offer discounts, and a number of them also have a loyalty system where they offer you rebates if you have been a returning customer. This can be a great way to cut that bill even lower. 

The next time you rent a car, be sure to take these factors into consideration so that your car rental charges will be as low as possible. It can definitely be worth it to rent a car and still reap all the benefits of being able to drive your own private car.

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