Don’t Waste Time! Reach Your Car Rental Benefits That Will Good for You

Don’t Waste Time! Reach Your Car Rental Benefits That Will Good for You

Why is car rental in Singapore surging in popularity these days? As it turns out, renting a car in Singapore can actually be more cost-effective than other modes of transport, including buying your own car, using car-sharing services or taking public transport. In fact, Gojek has pivoted its business to accommodate the rising demand for car rental in Singapore, coming up with GoFleet which provides a wide selection of vehicles for the everyday driver.

How is Car Rental Beneficial?

The benefits of car rental vary greatly depending on your preferences. Some people find owning a car very inconvenient because the car owner is usually required to settle matters such as insurance, servicing, maintenance, and repairs. Car ownership can also be very costly, with the prices of road tax, petrol, Certificate of Entitlement and ERP tolls on the rise. Renting a car can usually alleviate some of these concerns, especially since you have the car on a much shorter term than 10 years, which is the usual length of car ownership.

However, it is worth noting that these inconveniences are not completely gone with car rental. People who drive rented cars still have to pay some of these expenses, such as parking fees, petrol, and insurance. Fortunately, the latter is often settled by the car rental company and you only need to pick an insurance option from the choices you should be provided with.

Car rental is well known for being the go-to option when you need to drive regularly for any time from a day to a few weeks. Instead of troubling yourself with booking a cab or figuring out how to get there via public transport, you can simply relax in your private car and get to your destination quickly.

Aside from leasing a car as and when you need it, rental companies also offer long-term plans for those who need a car for a longer duration of time. These plans are usually charged monthly and can be discounted if you are renting for an extended period of time.

Why Should I Rent a Car?

People rent cars for a multitude of reasons. Some only need a car on occasion, while others prefer renting a car to buying one. Whichever the case is for you, as long as you need to drive – no matter how infrequent, car rental could be a viable option for you.

You may be residing in Singapore only temporarily. Since cars in Singapore are typically owned for up to 10 years, you may not wish to go through the hassle of buying a car only to struggle to sell it second-hand when you are leaving. Or perhaps you wish to try out newer car models, but similarly do not wish to bother selling the old car whenever a newer model is released. In these cases, car rental in Singapore may be the perfect choice for a quick, easy and no-strings-attached experience.

How Do I Try Out Car Rental?

Car rental companies may not have trial periods, but you can always rent for a few days to a week to see if car rental is right for you. Most of the time, you can also give your desired car a test drive to decide if it works for your needs. However, even if you wish to continue renting the car, always make sure to return your vehicle on time to avoid incurring additional costs. You can then extend the rental term with the company once your current rental has been completed.

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