The Ultimate Guide to The Pros and Cons Of Long-term Car Rental In Singapore

The Ultimate Guide to The Pros and Cons Of Long-term Car Rental In Singapore

With the rising costs of car ownership in Singapore, renting a car can be well worth the money if you don’t need to drive every day. However, what if you do need a car on a regular basis, but only for a few months? Maybe you are only staying in Singapore for less than a year, or perhaps you have taken on a temporary job and prefer to drive there. Fortunately, many car rental companies out there also offer monthly car rental options, where you can find luxury car rental rates at an affordable price. Are you wondering if long-term car rental is right for you? Let’s look at the pros and cons of monthly car rental in Singapore. 

Pros of Long-term Car Rental

Of course, you always have the option of taking public transport in Singapore. However, sometimes public transport may be inconvenient in getting you to certain locations, and it does not operate 24 hours. Commuting by public transport can also take you a longer time to get to your destination than if you drive there. 

With long-term car rental, you can enjoy the convenience and luxury of your personal vehicle at any time. Do you need to drive late past midnight, or get to a secluded place with no bus routes? No problem – you’ll be able to get anywhere anytime with a private car at your beck and call. 

Some people may think of car rental as being expensive, but you can usually save big on your car rental costs if renting for long-term. Car rental companies tend to offer discounts from time to time. In fact, the costs of monthly car rental can even be lower than the costs of public transportation if you’re able to get the right deal. 

Monthly car rental also offers freedom and choice. Once you sign the monthly agreement, you can use the car right away, with no return or contract renewal required. You’ll be able to choose just how long you wish to rent the car for, and also the type of car you’re renting, down to the exact model if it’s available at the rental company. Usually, if you book your rental in advance, you should have a wider variety of cars to choose from. 

Cons of Long-term Car Rental

While long-term car rental can be very cost-effective, it can also cost you unnecessarily if you aren’t careful with the rental. For example, you will be charged for any defects found on the car after you return it, even if the defect was there before you rented it. To avoid this, make sure you check the car thoroughly beforehand and alert the rental company to any defects or faults you find. 

You will also have to pay for your own petrol. Car rental companies typically require that you return the car with a full petrol tank, so always make sure you check this in order to avoid incurring additional costs. If the tank isn’t filled upon return, you may be charged at a premium for the rental company to refill it. 

Additionally, if you need a car on a last-minute basis, you cannot always count on the rental company having your desired car available. Some rental companies may also charge extra if you rent their last available car of the lot. As such, car rental may not be suitable for those who are unable to plan for their rental in advance. 

Lastly, with car rental, you may not be allowed to modify the car to your liking as you could with a car of your own. Car rental companies may have rules in place dictating what you can and cannot do with a rented car. Usually, the car must be returned in the same condition it was borrowed in. 

That said, long-term car rental in Singapore can still be a very advantageous alternative to buying your own car or taking public transport.

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