When Should You Rent a Private Car?

When Should You Rent a Private Car?

Singapore is a bustling nation, and one that has a lot of hidden gems to offer. Exploring the city is necessary in order for it to be really appreciated. Singapore is famous worldwide for its excellent public transport system which makes exploring it quite easy. There are some cases, however, when you may want to rent a private car.

Most of the places to see are within reach of the city’s buses, trains, and taxis. Private cars, on the other hand, can offer advantages that public transport cannot. No matter how good the public transport system is private cars still offer convenience.

4 Instances When You Should Rent a Private Car

Private cars may at times be a bit pricier than Singapore public transport. However, renting a private car does offer you a good number of benefits. Here are 4 instances when you should rent a private car.

  • If you will be traveling with a large group

Travelling with a large group can sometimes be a logistical nightmare. This is even more applicable if your entire group will be taking public transport. Imagine travelling in a group of more than a dozen. If you rent a private car, your group will be spared the hassle of being separated. You may also be able to save some money as a result. This is especially if the group you are travelling with is large enough.

  • If your itinerary has a lot of stops

Making a lot of stops and taking public transport every single time can be impractical. It can be quite costly if there are many destinations to be reached through public transportation. Making multiple stops in a single day can also be tiring. Imagine having to take public transport to places that are out of the way of each other. Rent a private car if you want a hassle-free experience.

  • If you are traveling with the elderly, children, or anyone who is injured or physically disabled

Using public transport in Singapore is convenient. Singapore, in fact, ranks as one of the best cities in the world for using public transport. However, there are long walks to be done if one is to use the train or bus. This can be especially hard for the elderly, children, or people that are injured. Renting a private car will help these people have a more convenient experience.

  • If you want to pace your stops

Renting a private car allows you to pace stops however you want if you have multiple destinations. This is useful if you are aiming to show people around the city. You can choose to take your time in some of the more interesting stops.

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