Car Rental vs Car Sharing In Singapore: The Pros & Cons

Car Rental vs Car Sharing In Singapore: The Pros & Cons

As owning a car is significantly expensive in Singapore, many people opt for car rental services whenever they needed a private vehicle. Car rental takes away major costs that are associated with owning a car such as road tax, car insurance and maintenance costs. All you have to do is fill the car up with fuel, and you’re good to go.

However, as advancements in technology and the way people do business have changed, a new business model has been birthed – car sharing.

In this article, we look at the differences between car-rental and car-sharing. And if you’re contemplating which option to go for, we have pointers in store to guide you when making the decision.

Car rental

When seeking a rental car in Singapore, you’d usually reach out to a car rental company to pick a suitable vehicle in advance. Going to Ubi for car rentals is highly common but nowadays, you can also make the booking online or through an app on your phone. Once the booking is confirmed, you can pick up the car and use it for however long you’re renting it for; you can rent a car for up to several months.

After your rental period, you’ll return the vehicle to a designated location. The rental company would, in turn, service the car after every usage, and prepare them for the next customer.

Nowadays, there is also the private hire car rental option which helps private hire drivers looking for a long-term solution. You can provide hire services for carrying passengers and earn income during the rental period.

Some of the advantages of going for car rental services in Singapore are:

  • You have a wide variety of vehicles to choose from, ranging from basic models to high-end models
  • The operator services the cars after each client uses them. Thus, the cars are often in good condition
  • It’s cheaper and easier to hire a rental car than owning one

Some of the disadvantages of going the car rental way include:

  • You might need to quickly book and do it early in advance
  • Vehicles are usually placed at a designated (often central) location. Thus, you have to travel to pick up the car
  • The rates for rental cars might get more expensive in the long run
  • You might need to head down to the office for paperwork

Car sharing

 On the other hand, car sharing is slightly different. While car rental is usually booked by the week or month, car sharing is booked by the hour or day. The cost of car sharing is determined by the amount of time that you spend driving the car and the distance travelled on a single trip. Once you’ve completed the trip, you return it to one of the designated car parks located around the island.

Car sharing tends to be a more flexible option, as opposed to the traditional car rental services approach. It’s a great, cheaper option for your short-term needs.

Some of the benefits of car sharing include:

  • You can make a last-minute, same-day booking
  • Often available 24/7
  • Vehicles are parked conveniently at accessible locations – near homes or offices
  • Some car-sharing platforms have very competitive hourly rates
  • No paperwork is necessary

Some of the drawbacks of car sharing include:

  • They may be some technical difficulties that you might need to get in touch with a customer service hotline instead of in-person assistance
  • Your preferred car reservation may not be available exactly when you want it, especially during peak hours
  • Vehicle choice can be limited
  • May require a membership fee

Which should you choose?

Making the decision between car rental and car sharing should be made with your priorities in mind.

If you’re looking for a car to drive for occasional short trips, car sharing is perfect as an alternative to taxis. It’s recommended for last-minute needs or for people who don’t intend to drive every day.

Weekly or monthly car rental is ideal if you need a car for daily use, but don’t wish to buy one. It’s also the recommended option if you need a specific type of car to fit your needs.

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