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car rental in bukit batok singapore

1. Where is Bukit Batok? Here’s a fun fact: Bukit Batok directly translates to ‘coughing hill’ in English! Home to about 153,740 people, Bukit Batok is a residential estate situated in the west of Singapore. 2. What are some of the attractions near Bukit Batok? Love nature? Don’t miss out on the abundance of outdoor attractions in Bukit Batok that’ll transport you away from the concrete jungle of Singapore city. A few must-visit places include: Little Guilin: This famous park was created from an abandoned granite quarry from the 1980s. It strikingly resembles China’s Guilin, hence its name. With a stunning backdrop of the large lake, this is a popular spot for photography fanatics and wedding couples. Bukit Batok Nature Park: If you need some tranquillity, head to Bukit Batok nature park for stunning views and crystal clear water. Besides boasting luscious greenery, the park also has a unique trail…

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