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Car Rental in Yishun Singapore

1. Where is Yishun? Known for its variety of parks and natural vegetation, Yishun is a suburb located in the Northern region of Singapore. If you’re looking for a taste of a typical Singaporean lifestyle, Yishun is the place to go. With diverse amenities available such as schools, community centres, parks and local markets, this estate is home to about 220,320 residents. 2. What are some attractions near Yishun?  Although it’s a residential neighbourhood, Yishun has numerous attractions that even non-residents flock to. Some of these include: ORTO: This 24-hour adventure park provides activities for all ages. Some of the most popular ones include prawning and fishing. ORTO features 10 ponds filled with prawns and yabbies as well as equipment and electric grills to cook your catch afterwards, free of charge! Katapult Trampoline Park: A hit among both kids and adults, this indoor arena is sure to get your adrenaline…

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