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long term car rental Singapore

With the rising costs of car ownership in Singapore, renting a car can be well worth the money if you don’t need to drive every day. However, what if you do need a car on a regular basis, but only for a few months? Maybe you are only staying in Singapore for less than a year, or perhaps you have taken on a temporary job and prefer to drive there. Fortunately, many car rental companies out there also offer monthly car rental options, where you can find luxury car rental rates at an affordable price. Are you wondering if long-term car rental is right for you? Let’s look at the pros and cons of monthly car rental in Singapore.  Pros of Long-term Car Rental Of course, you always have the option of taking public transport in Singapore. However, sometimes public transport may be inconvenient in getting you to certain locations,…

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Private hire car rental

Once you have found the perfect long term car rental in singapore, you may be wondering how best to proceed with the next steps. Make sure to check off these pointers when collecting your private car to minimise any potential complications down the road.  Bring Your Documents Along When you go to collect a rented car, be sure to have on hand your rental confirmation details, your NRIC (or equivalent identification documents), driving license and credit card. If anyone else is going to be driving the car regularly, they should be present as well in case they need to sign any additional documents.  Driving Into Malaysia? If you intend to drive the rented car into Malaysia, you should let the car rental company know so that they can register your car with Malaysia’s Road Transport Department to get a Vehicle Entry Permit. If this step is not done, you may…

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long term car rental singapore

Car rental in Singapore gives you the convenience to get around at a reasonable price. But sometimes, Long term car rental or monthly car rental can be expensive if you are not familiar with the rental process.

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